Made in Sweden

Our products are gluten-free and contain only carefully selected ingredients. We produce all our products in our confectionery factory in Bräkne-Hoby, Sweden.


Kolafabriken's Quality Policy

Kolafabriken's "soul" must permeate throughout the company. We must clarify our business concept, our values and visions. We must rely on and develop our success factors.


We know TOFFEE!

Kolafabriken must work with quality in mind, and it is our customers and consumers who determine whether we succeed. We must therefore be responsive and strive to meet established requirements and expectations. Quality is doing the right thing from the start and constantly improving.


In order to comply with Kolafabriken's quality policy, we must have:

• A clear division of responsibility, where each individual takes responsibility for their own work

• Good knowledge of quality issues and the right skills for the task

• An ongoing internal dialogue through all processes

• Clear standards and threshold values for what is the correct quality

• Follow-up and development which leads to continuous improvements

• Compliance with requirements set out in legislation and by authorities

• Use of only suppliers that are certified and approved



We invest 15 million SEK in a new production line for fudge.

With larger facilitys and a whole new production line, we meet the increased demand for Swedish-made fudge in Sweden as well as in Europe.


Christmas flavors



in many tasty flavors



from sweet to salty


Bag of toffee

Lovely flavours


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